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SIRIM Eco-labelling

SIRIM Eco-labelling

Our carpets have undergone stringent test and are approved with SIRIM Eco-label, which enables us to supply carpet to Malaysia latest MRT project. With our environmentally-friendly product, our products are guaranteed quality.
10 Years Warranty

10 Years Warranty

We have 10 years warranty on:-
-Cushion Resileincy
-Dimensional Stability
-Color Fastness to Light
-Floor compatibility
Stain Protector and Soil Repellent

Stain Protector and Soil Repellent

Built in stain and soil resistance, easy to clean with water or mild detergent. Our carpet is environmentally friendly, making it rated #1 in customer satisfaction.


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Carpet Malaysia supply variety of carpet tile design, suitable for residential, commercial building, hotels, condominiums, bungalows & houses. We offer a full ranges of fine and quality guaranteed home furnishing products for your ideal choice of better lifestyle.

We offers high quality imported carpet tiles, promise to deliver highest customer’s satisfaction and fulfill high standard flooring arts. At Carpet Malaysia, all of our products are backed by a customer care guarantee , giving our customers a peace of mind that they are dealing with one of the best carpet professional in the industry.



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What is Modular Carpet Tiles System?

Modular carpet is high-end flooring that creates a cozy indoor environment through various colors & designs, suitable for lodging and other commercial facilities. It allows building owners and others to make more precise decisions about how to effectively cover floors while wasting the least amount of resources. It is smaller pieces of square carpet, which provide variable sizing options. Modular carpet tiles also easier for transportation and easier to maneuver into spaces through tight doorways or hallways.


 Low Formaldehyde Emission, Low SVOC, Low VOC

SVOC (Semi Volatile Organic Compounds) include a variety of chemicals, which may have short and long term adverse health effects. Many are suspected to be cancer causing in humans.Formaldehyde is listed as a probable cause of cancer for many people by the US. Environmental Protection Agency, and some carpets do emit these dangerous gas. Our Carpet tiles are tested free from formaldehyde emission.

As our carpet is awarded SIRIM Eco-Label, it enhances environment as it provides excellent noise reduction, comfort feel when walked on, as well as environmentally friendly.


      We offers:

  • Reliable and professional consultation
  • Hassle-free flooring solution
  • Quality assured carpets


Why Choose EcoSoft Carpet

Carpet Malaysia supply EcoSoft’s superior compression and recovery properties that give the carpet a better appearance retention compared with hard backing, enabling the carpet to retain its good looks for longer.


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  • Performance Enhancement
  • Superior Dimensional Stability
  • Cushioning Effect Reduces Leg Fatigue
  • Reduces Carpet FibreCrush, Wear and Tear
  • Superior Sound Absorption
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • 85% Recyclable


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